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Prison farms are correctional facilities that are established with the aim of offering area for economical use. Most of these regions or areas are used for offenders who are serving their term with manual labor. They are open air lands where a series of activities take place. Some of the activities that take place in these prison farms include agriculture, quarrying and at times logging. Historically, these farms were known as penal colonies. These farms also supply medical care on the best level: It helped some prisoner to get rid of tonsil stones it helped another one cure constipation and another one with his back problems.

There are various types of activities that take place in prison farms. Some of these activities include dairy farming, poultry keeping, horticulture and pig rearing. Each of these farms is established by prisons with the intention of handling prisoners who have been sentenced to prison with hard labor. Though this is the goal, these farms do not exist to offer or create harsh conditions for the prisoners. Essentially, these farms exist with the main objective of rehabilitating these hard core criminals to become useful upon release from the prison.

What is the importance of prison farms? Prison farms serve various purposes. For instance, the agricultural produce generated from these farms is used to feed the prisoners. If it is produced in excess, some of the produce is sold to generate income for the prison.

Prison farms provide education and vocational guidance to some of the convicts. These programs provide the offenders with vital information and skills on how to improve their lives. In essence, prisoners who participate in these farms end up with new skills that are critical when it comes to reintegration into the wider community. June-10-Dance2

The prison farm programs are designed in such a manner that the prisoners are able to confront some of their criminal behaviors. Through these programs, the prisoners are able to develop social skills and behavior controlling techniques. The prisoners who are normally subjected to such programs are aided in learning to handle their emotions as well work together as teams.

Certain values are instilled in these prisoners. For instance, a prisoner is able to learn the value of generating income. If a prisoner is convicted and lacks a set of values, the prison farms provide conducive grounds to instill values such as hard work, perseverance, patience and commitment. When a prisoner is able to appreciate what he is doing or even achieving, then he starts to develop confidence which is part of development.

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Every week we are going to publish a collection of the best posts by members of our save the prison farms society.

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Across the country there is a ground swell of support for Correctional Service of Canada’s six prison farm operations. Our nation’s prison farms are cutting edge operations that work for inmates, for the prison system, for local farmers, and for the vast majority of Canadians who believe in the rehabilitation, self-reliance, diversified training, and nourishing food produced on these farms by offenders to feed themselves. Furthermore, the prison farms provide local farmers with essential support by helping to keep local farm supply businesses viable, and in some cases, like the abattoir at Pittsburgh Institution near Kingston, they provide important services directly to local farmers and the broader community.

This Revitalization proposal builds on the strong traditions and important functions of Canada’s prison farms by focusing on what they already do well – help offenders pay their way and rehabilitate themselves through agriculture, and work in partnership with local farmers and communities. We envision the following research and development steps as the way forward:

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The information disclosed herein is a knowledge enrichment only and is not intended to replace recommendations or advice / treatment. Each specific case you should contact a doctor for advice / Arromatrafist / naturopath. So how to increase fertility?    1 Vitamins, Herbs and Food Supplements Men – Antioxidants (such as Q10, Vitamin C – prevents oxidation of sperm), – …

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In the last decade there has been a jump in ads for green building architectural design. Still, many people and designers who do not understand the benefits of this approach. In this article I will explain the main features and the design right climatic advantages. The term “green building” refers to a variety of methods and activities carried out throughout …

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One of the reasons the Western world mortality is greatest strokes and heart attacks.    Every day we meet people who have had strokes themselves or heart attacks or hear stories from people such terrible incidents. In many cases, the body is meeting unexpected and often irreparable and cause death almost instantly. Strokes and heart attacks are caused by blockage …

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