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So how to increase fertility?   1131350_88260456

1 Vitamins, Herbs and Food Supplements Men

– Antioxidants (such as Q10, Vitamin C – prevents oxidation of sperm),

– L-Arginine (essential motility seeds),

– Zinc (prostate and seminal fluid contains high concentrations of zinc, involved in metabolism and cell division, proper structure of genetic material),

– Vitamin E (essential to normal cell structure) in combination with selenium (helps mobilizes the seed),

– Vitamin A (role structure and function of the reproductive system),

– Maca (“Peruvian ginseng”)

– The root is rich in vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. Been used in traditional medicine to strengthen and resolving infertility. Helps in secretion of hormones in the body. Currently serves as a general strengthening, the problems of impotence, increase fertility, improve fitness and stamina and increase desire and sexual desire), – Afimdium (a Chinese herb, a purple multi-systemic, aphrodisiac (aphrodisiac), increases sperm production, and regulates the secretion of hormones from the brain that are responsible for sexual activism).

– Korean ginseng (a Chinese herb, helps improve male sexual performance and is suitable for situations of erectile dysfunction).

Improve performance and increase productivity must add onions for breakfast and lunch menu daily intake put walnuts and toasted almonds. And underestimate foods such as lettuce, cucumber, lentils and pickles. Natural antioxidants (grape seed oil, pomegranate juice, berries, turmeric, green tea)

2 vitamins, herbs and supplements – Women

– Atnteoksidntim (antioxidants),

– Folic acid in combination with B12 (essential for the production of genetic material),

– Zinc (involved in metabolism and cell division, proper structure of genetic material),

– Vitamin A (role structure and function of the reproductive system),

– Maca (plant extract effective in dealing with PMS – pain before and during menstruation, heavy period, Migrnotal a hormone, changing moods, need sweets and other symptoms associated with Lhufathmhazor, menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, Iovsogyneli, night sweats, lack of sexual desire and insomnia), improves the function of the gonads, makes one want Miniumsfrat fertility),

– Dong Quai Angelica Sinnzis (a plant used in the Far East for thousands of years and has been called “ginseng of women” thanks to beneficial effect and balances the hormonal system of women. Chinese medicine is considered strengthens blood and uterus and is now used to regulate circulation, to blame PMS (PMS) and relieve some of the symptoms associated with menopause, such as vaginal dryness, insomnia, and irritability),

– Yemeni mastic (mastic tree extraction, balance the female hormonal system, infertility treatment, cessation of bleeding after birth, shortening cycle, strengthening the endometrium, ovulation stains and preventing uterine contraction. Be cautious! as Yemeni mastic may stop you period (read about stopping period here)

3 sites oils (about how to use the precise duty to consult Arromatrafist) oils are recommended for increasing the activity of the female hormone system, so often forbidden during pregnancy, a result can be used only from the beginning of the cycle to two days after ovulation. Angelica, rhenium, sage, melissa, rose, ylang-ylang. * There are contraindications to use some of the oils in the case of the existence of chronic / acute Other (please consult Arromatrafist).