One of the reasons the Western world mortality is greatest strokes and heart attacks.

Every day we meet people who have had strokes themselves or heart attacks or hear stories from people such terrible incidents.

In many cases, the body is meeting unexpected and often irreparable and cause death almost instantly.

Strokes and heart attacks are caused by blockage of an artery is blocked when it is not properly pumping blood to body organs, the brain and the heart. Through the blood and organs are transferred to the same food, oxygen and hormones are important for the smooth functioning of our bodies. When the arteries are blocked hurt our performance, we show signs of excessive fatigue and we are in danger.

So before we begin to become hysterical and medical treatments and tests to avoid any unpleasant situations and the chance of getting – we must learn to adapt ourselves to different life spans and healthier. We must make our own alternative treatment before the disease hits us.

Some of the most important we will have to take:
• Smoking – If you smoke cigarettes know the materials speed up blocking the arteries.
• Excess weight – as you have less body fat and blood, you will sink less fat in the arteries.
• physical activity – always recommended even for a healthy person to maintain his health and insure a sick person. Activity stimulates the body and the body metabolism, help you more quickly cleaning the blood of toxins in our body. Physical activity also contributes to weight loss.
• a healthy diet. Daily menu should include foods antioxidants Angels (anti-oxidants), as pomegranate, beets, tomatoes and broccoli.
• a lot of diseases we are beginning to suffer due to pressure them every day. Keep the mood positive and relaxed head. Do not let anyone or anything stress you. When the water is calm you can think clean and find a solution for everything. To maintain the serenity of mind you can also join the classes and activities such as Pilates, yoga and